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About the Artist

Princess Kate's goods are intended for celebrations of every kind. A blend of whimsy and playful honesty, custom paintings and lifestyle goods are the ultimate gifts for showers, weddings, housewarming parties, new babies, new jobs, and honoring loved ones.

Kate taught special education for ten years and earned her stripes as a Licensed Professional Counselor, before the arrival of her twins sent her life into a tailspin! She currently works out of her home studio so that she can better meet the needs of her family. In her free time, Kate mostly paints and drives children around ;) However, she does her best to squeeze in tennis, sailing, racing, traveling, cooking, and wishing she were better at golf. 

To date, Kate has helped to raise over $4,000 in charitable donations to local animal welfare efforts and prides herself in her involvement of furthering the interests of four legged Chicago citizens.

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